Please help me love it.
  1. If someone realists something from a person I don't follow, I can't preview the list items.
    Ha! I don't even have the heart to correct the autocorrected "relist"
  2. In some cases, this amounts to click bait
    Click bait gives me acne.
  3. And there's no opportunity to hit the save button and come back to the mystery list later.
    I think that could solve a lot of my problems
  4. I mean, sure, there are a bunch of viral list topics that I don't care to see.
  5. But I'd rather have to scroll past lists I don't want to see than have to opt in to what you guys are relisting
    I follow you. I trust your judgment.
  6. Am I missing something? Can one of you guys flip my frown upside down?
    Is there some setting I can adjust to go back to the old way?