So I wanted to curl up in bed with a book, but I'm at that point in the year where all my books are serious. Serious nonfiction, serious fiction, I have to really focus when I read them. But I'm tired and I don't want to focus; I just want to read. What books should I keep on hand for such an occasion?
  1. I have the Harry Potter series
    I mean, they're classic. But I've read them so many times I think I need some new blood.
  2. I have the Hunger Games series.
    Somehow they seemed serious tonight. Heartache and oppression and death.
  3. I have the Ender series.
    Also amazing, but there's a lot of sadness and strife too.
  4. The last book I read that fit the bill was "Truthwitch" by Susan Dennard
    Maybe I need more YA fiction?
  5. I mean, I have YA fiction, but I have the serious ones.
    Like Jacob Have I Loved, Hatchet, etc
  6. I only have trashy romance novels on kindle.
    Maybe I should get some in physical format...
  7. Can you make me some suggestions of your favorite mindless-but-still-good reads?