I travel solo a lot. I don't mind traveling with friends, in fact I enjoy it, but mostly if I want to go to a place I want to go and not have to worry about coordinating times and travel buddies and whether we enjoy the same types of vacations, etc. And then a lot of women are scared to go solo, and here is the only advice I give:
  1. You must cultivate a relationship with your intuition.
  2. Your intuition will tell you if something is wrong, if that person isn't to be trusted, if this is a bad street to walk down, if you're making the right decision.
  3. Your intuition will always tell you.
  4. But so many women bulldoze straight through that feeling. If they can't logic it out, it's invalid. Or if someone else can logic you out, you dismiss your gut feeling.
  5. That's how bad things happen.
  6. After many years of personal research, I can tell you that every time I can remember being in a sticky situation, I had a bad feeling going into it.
    But I didn't listen, or trust, or didn't pause to explore what I was feeling. And then things got bad.
  7. So that's your job: cultivating intuition
  8. And then you must be prepared to act on that intuition as though it's the will of God.
    Or whoever you make your virgin sacrifices to. I don't want this to be a religious post so read t with your metaphor glasses on.
  9. I'm not kidding. I've walked out of restaurants and stores because I got a "this is not your place." Same with picking a spot for a hammock or afternoon camp, same with skipping tourist attractions. If my intuition says so, I'm out.
  10. The phrases, "my intuition told me," or "because my intuition said so" need to be a normal part of your vocabulary.
    People might look at you funny, but when your sense of self is so strong and sovereign and aligned, you'll stare right back as though they just told you you have a third arm. Wtf is wrong with them? Third arm? My intuition speaking is crazy or stupid to them? Boy bye.
  11. You can start by checking in about small things.
    What would you like to eat this morning? What's the best music for today's commute? What am I needing to hear today? How would I most like to love my body? (<—- hahaha "love" my body was supposed to be "move" my body but love fits too and I guess that's the real message we were needing)
  12. Let your attention rest on people and see what kind of feelings come up.
    You might have ingrained prejudices. That's ok. This work is useful for those too. It's helpful to be able to take time to explore what comes up without rejecting what came up in the moment. Micro aggressions can be retrained. Your intuition is a muscle that needs to be exercised and a relationship that needs intimacy and connection.
  13. Hope this helps! Happy travels!