1. Zero knowledge of the Constitution of the United States.
  2. Not even Schoolhouse Rock can help me now.
  3. I take that back. It probably could. Will google later.
  4. Is there a Sparknote of the Constitution of the United States?
  5. Am I spelling Constitution right?
  6. First up: Affirmative Action and Correcting the past injustices of slavery. **sinks into chair.**
  7. I'd give up my first born if it meant this guy would stop legitimately and seriously talking about Donald Trump.
  8. On the other hand, the Trump talk resulted in the quick and easy identification of the Feminists I want to avoid all semester.
  9. The founding fathers really screwed some shit up for us.
  10. ...wait, Benjamin Franklin was never a President?
  11. Need a fat glass of wine after this one.