Thoughts During that Offensive Final Exam

  1. THIS is what you hit me with on question number one?
  2. This is offensive.
  3. This topic was talked about for like two seconds in an obscure footnote.
  4. Really? Game of thrones characters? That's the route you're going for the hypos?
  5. Fuck I wish I had watched that show.
  6. If this first question is any indication of the rest of this exam the result is going to be grave.
  7. What was that average joe preaching about before class?
  8. C's get JDs.
  9. it's not about the grades you make, it's about the hands you shake.
  10. There is only two letters I care about; J and D.
  11. Wish I had listened to him more carefully. It's starting to resonate.
  12. I need to at least outperform that Eastern European exchange student who can't speak English...right?
  13. ....right?
  14. Guy in front of me looks so confident.
  15. He's got a bag of gummy bears and an apple. Maybe he's on to something.
  16. Never have I felt so violated by a piece of paper with questions on it.
  17. Going straight home to put in some serious time on the professor evaluation.