1. A book
    Currently reading Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl....I'm really enjoying it and it's definitely the most eclectic book of essays that I much as I'm learning about her, I'm learning even more about myself. It's given me a lot to think about.
  2. My wallet
    Obvi....however I must add that inside this wallet holds stamps (which everyone should have at all times(it makes you feel like an adult)) and my grad school statement of intent that my best friend edited to make 10000 times better. I also have checks. I love writing checks!
  3. Excedrin
    My miracle drug
  4. People magazine
    Usually 2 of them- One I'm reading and one that I've read, but have yet to fill out the crossword
  5. My planner
    I'm back to planners and it was the greatest decision ever. I love my planner. It's pretty and when I tell people in job interviews that I'm super organized, it's presence is felt in the room.
  6. A notebook
    I'm old fashioned and like to hand write my work notes and not use the notepad app on my phone. I also like to doodle. a lot.
  7. A pen
    Never leave home without a pen - Richard Gilmore
  8. Phone charger
    It's green!
  9. Resume
    I'm always searching for a job. I need to go to grad school so badly. (I feel it's necessary to say that I've been a full time employee for a single company for the past three years) (I can keep a job like a boss) (I just need something to do in my spare timeeeee!)