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  1. When Simone texted me "my place tonight? Takeout, crafts, I have an article to show you."
    Walked four sweaty miles to get to her and it was all worth it
  2. When Dae and I went to a dinner party. We essentially ate really fancy white people food and got high enough to enjoy this board game about settlement
  3. Went on a run and saw a reparative sunset
    Prospect park is magic and home and comfort
  1. Had a panic attack
    Used the sweaty school bathroom as my hideout and rubbed toilet paper all over my damp face to calm me down
  2. Made Dae breakfast
    I love her a lot she knows how to hold my space
  3. Left school
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my love, measured through a list
  1. Space is just as important as affection
  2. Sometimes our bellies are bigger, sometimes they are smaller but at the end of every night you hold it close and see it for what it is... Part of you
  3. Arts nd crafts are actually fun and tangible
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  1. People don't like the smell of poop
    This is a bathroom what did you expect?
  2. Doing makeup in between classes is a real thing...
  3. The big stall is good for crying, anxiety attacks, laughter, group hugs, secrets, skipping class
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This is gross
  1. You don't lock your door
  2. There's always food on Mondays
  3. I like resting with you
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  1. That's sexy
  2. You're so exotic!
  3. Oh, you looked Latina
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  1. Had four consecutive anxiety attacks in a row, forced myself into a fitful slumber. Woke up, air smelled like rain, and I stumbled upon the aftermath of an intimate moment.
  2. Snuck out of school early. Cried cause Prince died. Laid on a random stoop and freckled. Watched three of my teachers pass me by and wave.
  3. The boy I have a crush on couldn't stop smiling and saying sweet things.
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  1. Zodiac signs
  2. Monsters in my closet
  3. Everlasting love
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