my love, measured through a list
  1. Space is just as important as affection
  2. Sometimes our bellies are bigger, sometimes they are smaller but at the end of every night you hold it close and see it for what it is... Part of you
  3. Arts nd crafts are actually fun and tangible
  4. I was born to be lil spoon
  5. Snacks make any situation better
  6. Love is not measurable through only monogamy & heteronormative relationships.
    Love is the care and intent I put into the actions and people that I care for. I love you.
  7. Personal capacity matters more
    How can I help you when I can't even help myself? Let me help myself first in order to better help you.
  8. Long distance is possible
  9. There are layers to whiteness
    I learned to be more aware and sensitive to socioeconomic status, thanks for adding a layer to my politics
  10. Playlists are sexy
  11. The court and justice system favor maternal figures, even if they don't deserve it