1. The students are so sweet and wish you well
  2. The principal can't wait to replace you with one of his bros
  3. Fellow teachers congratulate you then say "you're so lucky" or "wish I could retire"
  4. You throw crap away that you kept for a long time thinking you'd use it but never did.
  5. You get this giddy feeling that you never have to write another fucking SMART goal ever again
  6. or deal with Race to the Top or NCLB edicts. Thanks Obama, you and Arne ruined public education
  7. You start planning to do things in the fall that you could never do before, like travel to destinations in the off season, no crowds
  8. You have this urge to say what you really think at leadership meetings but then realize these people are the ones planning your retirement party so you keep your mouth shut.
  9. You accept that people will move on to your replacement and that you don't have the influence anymore. But you still want to be a positive contributor till the very last day so you still try.
  10. Fuck it, step aside and let replacement do the work. Happy retirement to me!!!