Not necessarily things I need to invest and work super hard to achieve. Whims, if you will.
  1. Acquiring wonderful arm muscles.
    So I can, um, flex.. I guess
  2. Acting as the "scary thing" in a new cult horror movie.
    So weirdos like myself will remember me as "that one chick" from "that stupid but classic film"
  3. Shaving my head.
  4. Being a great mom.
  5. Having one of those moments like in movies where I sing an amazing song at a concert or karaoke and it blows everyone's freaking minds and they all look at me different and the guy I had a crush on the whole movie tries to talk to me and I blow him off and instead go off with my nerdy, but hot, guy best friend.
  6. Saving $5000.
  7. Giving Jeff Goldblum a big hug.
  8. Washing dishes and singing A Whole New World with some guy that I love a whole lot.
  9. Having clients that I didn't know before I became a stylist continue to come to me for years and years.
  10. Getting married and not being fucking terrified.
  11. Blessing people every day.
  12. Not allowing myself to settle for crap!! Ever!!!!!!!!
  13. Getting a sternum tattoo.