Requested by @Allaa
Luck, karma and fate?
  1. Luck sometimes is used as an excuse for losers
    Oh I just have bad luck
  2. Other times it's used as an excuse for hard workers that don't wanna seem like hard workers
    I didn't study I just got lucky
  3. Luck can be fatal and toxic to your soul, so as hope
    No you're not gonna be a celebrity in the future! And it won't happen to see Scarlett johanson in the street and she loves you at first site
  4. But here's a fun thing about luck, it can be magical sometimes
    You can truly get lucky and fate serves you and your interest
  5. You can't sometimes describe things other than being "good luck"
    Like seeing that person that becomes your bestfriend within the 8 billion others of the planet and happens to cross your paths without getting to know you
  6. You can get delayed and not catch the train but then see your soulmate crossing the street
    If you hadn't missed that train your life would've been totally different
  7. You don't have to believe in it, all you gotta do is do your best, and wish for some magic and luck in your way
  8. Life is sad without a little luck
  9. Time is fun and interesting for its doings to the human species
    You can be a totally lucky guy and out of the blue an unlucky guy suddenly
  10. The bottom line is: I do believe in luck, karma and fate but also I'm a believer in hard work and avoiding trouble