1. Going to hospitals too much is bad for you
    Hospitals are also known as the house of bacteria and not just any bacteria, the drug resistant one, the bad monstrous bacteria, because it's the bacteria that is subjected to antibiotics, detergents, chemicals, etc all days that it mutated itself into something strong, so when you go to a hospital and get infected it's usually the strongest bacteria, and some hospitals even got closed because of that issue, so think of hospitals as emergencies only
  2. Bacteria are good for you
    Actually people who lacks the "good bacteria" that gives you immunity against bad bacteria by killing it, have a fecal transplant which is simply giving that immunosuppressed patient the feces of a healthy person who have the good bacteria so you can be cured from diseases that are caused by your bacteria deficiency
  3. Taking the strongest antibiotics for too long isn't good for you
    And by strong I mean broad spectrum drugs that kills many different types of bacteria in your body even the ones that you need them to live and digest (the good bacteria) therefore it's used only when prescribed to prevent infections, eg can kill the useful bacteria in your stomach that kills bad bacteria and by that the bad bacteria grows and causes bad diseases and consequences
  4. Starting with the strongest antibiotic is not good for you
    By the word strong I mean the 1 that kills strong resistant bacteria, well first it has sideffects worst than weak drugs, second if we start by it, & the treatment failed we have no other option, we usually start with the weakest so if it failed we can do something about it, strong drugs are preserved for bad scenarios, it's abuse leads to mutations that leads to resistant strains that don't respond to drugs anymore all that occur when u give strong drugs while u have weak bacteria in 1st place
  5. Frequent dosing with small doses is better than large doses with less frequent administration
    To know how Kidney thinks you gotta be kidney, if you are a kidney, what'd be harder, getting rid of 1.5 gram of the drug at a time or 0.5 gram every 4 hours? Every 4 hours it's simple for small amount of drug, but 1.5 gram of drug is difficult to get rid of it all at once
  6. Why any drug you're going to take you better start the initial dose with high concentration then lowering the dose in the next times ?
    Because your body at first completely lacks the drug so it won't be effective until the 3rd or 4th dose therefore when you start with high dose the drug is effective and with every time you take it it's still effective
  7. Why some drugs are given once per day and others are given twice or even more times a day
    Some drugs are concentration dependent which kills the bacteria depending on its concentration in your blood the higher the better of course while other drugs kill bacteria time dependent meaning it kills when it's maintained for a long time in the blood that's why concentration dependent drugs are given once daily in High dose while time dependent is given multiple times in small doses
  8. Before administrating any drug you gotta check your allergies first
    The 2 most common allergies re penicillin allergy and aspirin allergy which could lead to death by swelling and not being able to breath
  9. Why continue the full course of medications even after the symptoms disappear and feeling better ?
    To prevent the bacteria from getting stronger and mutating into a drug resistant strain which leads to recurrent infections which won't respond to the medications because simply its mutated, stronger, resistant.
  10. Some drugs has what is known as narrow therapeutic index NTI
    Meaning that it's therapeutic beneficial dose that cures you (eg 1 gram) and it's toxic dose that kills you is so narrow (1.5 gram) therefore you can get toxicated easily by doubling the dose (kidney won't have the time to clear all that amount) or having drug drug or food drug synergistic action (some drugs can actually inhibit the excretion of other drugs and by that increase its levels in the blood which leads to toxicity)
  11. Know your drug adverse effects because some drugs could totally screw you up
    Eg. Tetracycline leads to photo toxicity which is simply getting coloured when exposed to sunlight
  12. Drug-drug and drug-food interactions
    Can lead to synergistic action which leads to drug toxicity (high levels in body) or antagonistic action which leads to decreasing its effect therefore not being treated obviously eg.tetracycline cannot be taken with milk, yogurt since it will form complex with the calcium and won't be effective, or other drugs do the opposite which is increasing its concentration in blood by inhibiting its excretion through the kidney which leads to drug toxicity
  13. When forgetting your dose never double it with the next one
    Unless the Missed dose have good time interval between it and the next dose
  14. Socialising is bad for you
    Community acquired infections
  15. Discard meds if opened and not used for more than 2 weeks
  16. Narcotics abuse leads to bad things during anethesia before surgeries so you gotta confess before undergoing anethesia
    Anaesthetics work on your nerves so you won't feel pain, but if you are a drug addict those nerve will need higher doses of anethesia to work and not feel the pain, if you have higher dose of anethestics you can die of respiratory failure and CNS depression
  17. Fun fact: you can tell what the person is addicted to by his weight loss or gain
    Cannabis for ex increases weight while meth decreases
  18. Antioxidants
    Pollution gives your body free radicals which is very active unstable compounds that needs to get stabilised by any mean, therefore it oxidises your cells leading to cancer and aging and damages, antioxidants acts as a suicidal bodyguard where it gets oxidised instead of your body and by that sacrificing its life to protect yours
  19. Careful with the carcinogenic agents
    Search for the IARC Groups carcinogens and spread the knowledge and awareness
  20. Uncontrolled diabetics don't feel pain
    They can have multiple attacks (eg myocardial infarction) without even noticing and it can be in late sever stages without even knowing therefore monitoring yourself and taking good care of it is very helpful
  21. Speaking of diabetes, you should take multiple drugs other than the antidiabetic agents
    Statins to control you lipid profile, antioxidants, vitamins, ACE inhibitor which has a renoprotective action which reduces the possibility of the kidney complications associated with diabetes
  22. Morning breath
    Anaerobic bacteria grow when your mouth lacks oxygen (while sleeping) leading to fool breath, can be treated by killing this bacteria
  23. Morning wood
    The nitro which is released during the REM sleep phase (the phase with dreams) leads to vasodilation which increases blood passing through penis leading to its erection, that is the idea behind viagra which was at first a heart drug that was found that it has sideffects of erection due to its vasodilation so it became indicated to men with erectile dysfunction
  24. Itching treatment
    It can be due to histamine release or fluids and salts accumulation or other reasons so you chose the drug according to the reason, (not always antihistamines)
  25. Fever treatment
    Fever can be due to prostaglandins and pyrogen so take analgesics and antipyretic but the fever due to sunburn or any physical fever will not respond to the analgesics and antipyretics therefore treated only externally with cooling blankets and bathing, etc
  26. Cough treatment
    There's the reproductive cough with sputum and there's dry cough and both have different treatments, so codeine won't always work
  27. Addiction treatment...> Physical and psychological dependence on drugs and smoking that leads to withdrawal symptoms on being stopped suddenly
    Stop these kind of drugs gradually while administering a substitute to it that have the same effect and less dependence until the addictive drug is outta your system
  28. Why Steroid hormones causes infertility ? And what it have to do with morphine?
    It replaces testosterone produced by testes therefore the testes will stop producing its own since you have it from outside source consequently you'll be infertile, this applies on anything you have it externally so your body will stop producing it internally like the morphine that reduces pain will decrease the endogenous endorphins so you will be dependant on the morphine or else you'll feel pain
  29. Why are you rapidly breathing
    Your body is trying to get rid of carbon dioxide and increase oxygen which is due to either the presence of fluids in your lung that makes air not enter well enough or anaemia where the haemoglobin won't bind to oxygen and carbon dioxide good or you have respiratory Center depression in your brain which is due to narcotics anethesia sedatives alcohol
  30. Aspirin leads to ulcers and blood being flowing more freely so don't take it much!
  31. Having antidepressants without being diagnosed with depression leads to bad chemical alternations in the brain
    Depression is decrease in serotonin dopamine of the brain so treated with serotonin drugs as SSRI but if you're just heartbroken and been through a silly breakup & think you're depressed & will have antidepressants, I've got bad news for you, you'll get high serotonin & dopamine in the brain & body than normal which will lead to physical and psychological sideffects as mania episodes psychotic hallucinations, plus if you're pregnant from that jerk, you won't be able to lactate your infant child
  32. Not being able to lactate while being on dopamine is due to the dopamine inhibition of the prolactin hormone which leads to breast milk secretion and maternal breast enlargement
    It's literally used in inhibiting breast engorgement
  33. Why being pregnant &/or lactating is the most critical point if you life
    Any drug or even good can be teratogenic, mutagenic in case of pregnancy and can be secreted in your milk in case of nursing
  34. Hormonal problems
    This is serious shit with many different levels and variety of consequences that would be made in a separate list
  35. The overuse of shampoos removes the natural hair oil and leads to brittling and dryness.
  36. The science of weight loss
    Weight gain and loss is all about the internal body balance between catabolic processes and anabolic processes, if the catabolism is higher you lose weight if the anabolism is higher you gain and both are affected by your lifestyle (eating habits, exercising and being active or being a potato couch) genetic, and last but not least your CHILDHOOD, yes your childhood affects your weight when you're older.