The symptoms and/or diseases I should get rid of in my research for a happy human world.
  1. Happy pills
    Pleasure and reward centres
  2. Forgetting pills
    Works on shorterm memory, you take it in the moment you hate, you'll forget it. Note it doesn't work on past memories!
  3. Emotional numbness
    When you're about to face something (eg breakup, funeral, etc) and don't wanna cry, and just tolerate.
  4. Confidence pills
    By working on confidence brain Center
  5. Alc and addictive drugs substitute without the side effects
  6. Anti aging
  7. Viagra for emotions also known as love pills
  8. The Sexy Pheromones
    Basically sweat nice odour, no perfumes needed anymore
  9. Lucid dream tablets
    1 tablet before sleeping and have fun
  10. The fart pill
    Through chemical reactions, the gases in your body will be eliminated with good odour.
  11. Your mouth Flavour and odour
    Your saliva tastes good when you kiss or whatever, that's unrelated to brushing teeth, this is internal
  12. Tan lines, Stretch marks, Black under eye removal
    Basically by increasing cell growth and regeneration
  13. Truncal obesity without energy loss
    This can also treat diabetes type 2, cardiovascular problems, etc
  14. Increase brain activity (to be taking during exams, work, interviews, etc)
  15. Anti-sleep
    Don't use it regularly chronically
  16. Fight or flight pills
    You can win bane by administering it!
  17. Delusional pill
    Works on your greatest deepest fear or insecurity and makes you love it! Finally you'll love your father in law josh !
  18. Microbiological tablets
    We can't survive on our own without good microbes help.
  19. Warming pills
    Generation of heat and by that warming you and also can be used in obesity problems.
  20. Vaccine against HIV and cancer, what else do we need!
  21. Orgasm capsules
    All sex drugs lead to orgasm what about an orgasm one...for hours...this is the solution against cheating in relationships, once you're satisfied, relationships will be immortal
  22. Summary
    Everyone would have good sweat and saliva odour, fit, sexy, smart, happy, ageless, immune, strong, sleep controller, having the capability to forget certain things and not cry,