1. All the wasted masturbated sperms getting fertilised in the sewers and develop into tiny monsters that take over the city and destroys civilisation
  2. Gorillas taking over the world
    Come on, they do pull-ups so easy without even working out, what if they find out about push-ups and Pilates??!
  3. New mutated strains of viruses are getting developed somehow that gets transmitted via looking at the carrier's face so you can't make eye contact with anyone no more, wow that actually sounds not that horrifying!
  4. Disease where you poop whenever you think of something dirty
  5. A human sized spider that runs after me for killing his infant son 3 years ago in the parking lot
  6. After finally perfecting my invisibility ability and experiment it by going into girls locker room, the ability disappears and i appear and they appears to get freaked out and I immigrate and change my name m, profession and start a new life with a new-look
  7. Hairy old women trying to have sex with me
  8. People developing X-ray vision and can actually see beneath my girlfriends cloths and it's making me........pretty proud of myself ;) but not my mom dammit!
  9. The earth gets split in half, the terrifying part comes next, me being stuck in the African part!!
  10. A cannibal blowing me
  11. The basic stuff as Zombies, vampires, robots don't scare me unless it involves closing the pizza branch next door, can you imagine life without pizza!
  12. Speaking cats
  13. Thieves breaking into my apartment to steal my ultimate porn collection and massive unicorn doll
  14. The cutter disease, when you stick it in her it gets........I can't write it!!....Cut!!!!
    Now I finally know the answer to why she's hot but nobody's ever slept with her although she doesn't seem crazy
  15. Women getting smart that they don't fall for the basic pickup lines as I'm doing a kidney donation tomorrow but before that I wanna donate to you another organ, my penis.
  16. massive breasted women army who have abilities to: 1-give you bruises and fractures by hitting you with their massive titis until you lose consciousness and faint
    2-make a sandwich outta your face between those massive boobs that reduces the amount of oxygen reaching your brain that leads to syncope 3-pouring rains of milk into your eyes that momentarily blinds you, that buys them some time 5-They're unstoppable and indestructible and everyone should worry and make a move 6- when hitting in the ear it leads to partial deafness that you couldn't communicate with your war partner
  17. 7-source of distraction and mind freeze, you can't think of anything
    -so I came up with many ideas to infiltrate them and get rid of their power source (which is the titties) that non of them worked like :1-injecting their breasts a carcinogenic agents that would leads eventually to their super-boobies being removed 2-tame those titties by the steel bras I made 3-wearing defencing suits like glasses for that milk for example and Kevlar and carrying weapons
  18. 4-sleeping agents, they're not gonna fight if they're asleep already ! 5- I'm running outta ideas, please send help! They've got to be stopped!