1. Does she give bananas oral instead of just eating them?
  2. Have you found a dollar in her dirt hole before?
  3. Is her ex is a Russian gangster with a neck tattoo,gold tooth, facial scars and a gun in his belt?
  4. Does she have a thing for poles
  5. Does she wet her self while washing the dishes or the car
  6. Does she seductively lick the Nutella knife slowly while maintaining eye contact
  7. Is she wearing a fur coat on a miniskirt that is shorter than her vag?
  8. She's bossy and a control freak
  9. Does she rides you the same way she rides a motorcycle or a rollercoaster
  10. Is she full of glitter that your beard illuminates in the dark after kissing her and maybe giving her some oral?
  11. She gets confused when you hand her money in her hand and asks you to rain em over her like it's December already
  12. Have you even ever met her dad, dude
  13. She won't stop swinging her fucking hair
  14. She's bisexual
    Your sister Daisey becomes a lesbian 2 days after you introduce her to your gf and twerks in front of her mirror, I wonder who influenced her, ooohhh dammit valentina!!
  15. Does she shake what her mamma gave her hard while walking
  16. Does she sits on your lap and dryhumps you then slabs you when you squeeze her boobs or suck her tongue
  17. It's not even her name bro
  18. When she drops something, she drops it low on the floor and twerks while getting it that you can see her parents disappointment and shame
  19. Fake glasses!! Why is she even wearing them
    Oh yeah she's a stripper
  20. Is she chewing a gum and making bubbles that you can use it as a mirror in seeing your illuminating beard
  21. Is the ratio between the size of her lips to the size of her eyelashes is more than the ratio between the size of hear breasts to that of her butt
    Do some maths