Is Your Gf Planning to Kill You?

  1. She slowly locks the door and says manners maceth man?
  2. She hates sitcoms and love Hannibal and Dexter, and American psycho movie
  3. She makes that knife metallic sound slowly while chopping off the lettuce and making eye contact
  4. She chews loudly, she clearly doesn't give a fuck about the world
  5. She says ok when you ask her to go hang out
  6. She smiles
  7. She makes the slice throat posture
  8. She says mmmmmmmm underneath the duct tape
  9. She's good with guns and knives
  10. She's got nothing to lose
  11. She hates you
  12. She loves you
  13. She have done it before
  14. She's necrophilic
  15. She's a cannibal or even a know what she has a vagina..that's it
  16. She bought a hydrochloric acid for no reason
  17. She grows spiders as pets
  18. She has a fight scars
  19. Her name starts with a vowel
  20. She wears un-ironed cloths
  21. She wears no makeup and is messy
  22. Evil laughs hysterically and evil stares, buhahahahha
  23. She smokes
  24. She sits cross-legged
  25. You've been recovered from food poisoning from 2 days although you haven't eaten junk food, don't wait up for her second trial
  26. You forget something
  27. You don't notice her new haircut
  28. You breathe