Kids, This Is How to Memorise Stuff Easily for Exams

  1. 1.
    Pick the right calm place in your house and make it the "study-site"
  2. 2.
    Study like you're teaching someone even if it's a toy and try your best to make that toy gets an A!
  3. 3.
    Use your senses (listen, observe, smell, taste, touch) last three are mostly in scientific studies
  4. 4.
    Use your memories (visual, short term, long term, auditory) visual by reviewing a whole sentence just by one pic, short term by writing what you remember so converting some of it into long term.
  5. 5.
    Start by making points and outline then deepen into details later
  6. 6.
    Use a certain gum flavour, studies shows that you most likely memorise things in exam if you're chewing the same flavour you used while studying it
  7. 7.
    Get yourself a study-buddy
  8. 8.
    Try make things interesting so you love it and never forget it
  9. 9.
    Make connections
  10. 10.
    Make a long sentence into one word, it's letters are the initials of the sentence, eg how I met your mother Himym
  11. 11.
    Sing what you wanna remember
  12. 12.
    View what you can't understand or memorise on YouTube, Wikipedia, helps better than reading it from a book
  13. 13.
    Give yourself rests as a prize for studying
  14. 14.
    Make jokes about the studying material it'll stuck in your head
  15. 15.
    Hear what others think and how they study
  16. 16.
    Right it in a paper and stick it in an obvious place so you can see it whenever you pass by
  17. 17.
    Say I'll get an A, NO believe in it, MEAN IT! Dammit!
  18. 18.
    Let your study buddy test you
  19. 19.
    Play sports
  20. 20.
    Oh and ever jerkoff before an exam