1. Drugs
    Making, selling, giving advises. Don't take it the wrong way I'm a pharmacist.
  2. Relationships
    Sometimes I sit in the table beside 2 people on their first date without one partner knowing and tell the other partner after the date if she's into him, her pros and cons, or if she's outta his league, etc. Other times, Via earpiece I tell him/her what to do or say on their date to get his/her attention while watching them from distance, with spying tools 😉😎
  3. Movies and celeb news and trivia
    Did you know that Brad Pitt and Angelina jolie are married, RIGHT!!!! I was amazed too!!!
  4. Fashion
    Ask me!
  5. Observer & Analyser (body languages)
    Oh here again she scratches her belly when I mentioned this thing which obviously means it's not making her comfortable and clearly she's hiding something about it, oh wait it's not right to talk about favourite sex positions in a first date. My fault. OR she's a dude!! 😱I gotta get outta here asap!!
  6. Which leads us to "worrier" with an o, which is not actually a thing since I ignore my problems until it goes away, or nails me while I'm sleeping, outch I'll get to that one later.
  7. Diseases
    Noticing symptoms and figure out what's the problem with you physically or psychologically which is basically the observer and analyser one, sorry for the repetition.
  8. Persuader and Mind washer
    Ok here's one of the tricks, you say a well known and believed fact, and imply a lie in it so it'd be believed without a doubt.
  9. Lie detector
    Refer to my list of lies
  10. Past history detector
    By noticing physical things as tan lines, scares, walk, or psychological as fears, priorities, attitude, limits.
  11. Helper
    I feel good when I help people I dunno why, even if they don't appreciate it or say thanks or whatever
  12. Comforter
    It's basically lying to people to make them feel better about their miserable selves.
  13. Liker
    I like everything on social media, maybe because I love everyone, or wanna make them feel good to have an extra like (comforter), or because I lack that thing so I try provide it to other people (helper), or I'm just bored.
  14. Romantic
    Basically if you think about it, a comforter liker helper listener drawer and writer that loves fashion and workouts....it's all the materials of a romantic guy, which I dunno is a bless or a curse.
  15. Priorities chronological lister
    Because I'm lazy and need to accomplish everything meanwhile, so I start with the priorities till the least important things.
  16. Real look detector (hair colour, eye colour, skin, boob size, lips, nose)
    Come on, fake things are easy to spot!
  17. Now I'm developing this thing, where I can notice the most used 100 perfumes by smelling it mixed with sweat!
  18. I'm also trying to develop this power of knowing the future, maybe in 2 years I'll know what's gonna happen next
  19. Honesty (not contradicted with comforter)
    Because I love the feeling of freedom, if you lie you'll watch out everything you say and do, and live in perpetual agonistic fear or being found out, which will eventually happen.
  20. New words and verbs inventor
    Stop Margot-ing about it! What? Haven't heard of it? it's a thing since 2014!
  21. Rules maker
    Refer to my future lists of rules of dating, marriage, etc
  22. New things creator (recipes, mixes, sex positions
  23. Workouts
  24. Name forgetter
    I avoid using phrases that requires saying the persons name, until I figure it out
  25. Food taster, wine taster, any tasting, I'm a taster, I love it.
  26. I can tell if she flushes after pooping or not by looking, people consult me about it!
  27. Sober
  28. Photographer
  29. Drawer and writer
  30. Gentleman
  31. A professional wwe finishers doer