Requested by @Allaa
  1. Hakuna Matata
    It means no worrieeees for the rest of your daaaayss.....
  2. Laughter and sleep are the best medicine
    Unless you have Prozac
  3. YOLO
    Unless you're a vampire!
  4. No regrets
    Unless it's STD, you totally gotta regret that shit!
  5. Bros before hoes
    Hoes are like trains if you miss one, another one will come
  6. Karma is real
    And she's a bitch
  7. Comparison is a killer
    Each person has its goods and bads
  8. Fake it till you make it
    But never fake love and feelings, unless it's revenge 😈
  9. Be nice, everyone's fighting their own battles.
    If they don't have a life, then they don't deserve your niceness
  10. Nothing's more powerful than a pray from a pure heart
    Unless it's a nuclear bomb, this shit can literally fuck you up!
  11. No pressure no diamond
    Yea science bitch "breaking bad"
  12. We don't see things the way they are, we see things the way we are
    We all have eyes but we don't have the same pov
  13. Turn your cants into cans and dreams into plans
    And other inspirational shit
  14. Not a failure but a lesson
    Keep telling yourself this kinda shit until you become a therapist
  15. Pain is inevitable suffering is optional
    Pain is a state of mind
  16. Dance like nobody's watching
    And wear like you're going meet your ex
  17. Don't give a fuck, live happy
    That's the secret to life, here you have it
  18. Don't name things, you'll eventually get attached to it and fall in love with it
  19. Just keep swimming
  20. Time heals a broken heart 💔
    But not that bitche's window 💣🏃🏻
  21. Music
    It feeds your empty soul
  22. Worrying never changes the outcome
  23. What would "someone cool" do?
  24. Whatever you feed will grow
    Never feed her ego!
  25. Past future that's why it's called present
  26. You'll keep learning new stuff until you die
    Most memorable lessons will be learnt in the exam itself
  27. Pain is a renewable resource. Let it fuel you. The trick is to consume it instead of letting it consume you.
  28. Fear is why you fail, how can you move faster than possible fight longer than possible without the most powerful impulse, fear !
  29. Never sleep at a party
    It's not safe
  30. When you text a girl you also text her friends
  31. Be realistic, and expect miracles
  32. In the middle of chaos lies opportunity
  33. Whatever doesn't kill you simply makes you.....stranger 😈👹
  34. Nothing good happens after drinking
  35. If you're knocked down into your knees you're in the perfect position to pray
  36. Stop being negative and start being delusional
  37. Read people's minds and body language when you're bored
    Lie detection is fun
  38. You can always tell woman's age by her shoulder
  39. Always be fit
    Remember, fatties are the first to get eaten by zombies, have you ever listen to a word I say !
  40. Prank whenever you get the chance
    You don't know who's gonna die tomorrow! Prank 'em today before its late!
  41. Love the personality not the appearance
    Appearance fades
  42. When in doubt,
    See it's pros and cons
  43. Do adventurous regrettable things
    Wanna have cool stories to tell your grandchildren?
  44. Nobody's ever got poor by giving
    Because nobody ever gave anything, humans!
  45. Always carry fake concert tickets just in case your friends invite you to silly hangouts
  46. Make your own rules and lists
  47. Learn rules so you can change them
  48. Always the wife never the husband
  49. Don't ruin friendships by stupid things as love
  50. In some situations, lying is a saviour !
  51. Expect anything!
  52. Write to free spaces in your brain and feel good
  53. If you happens to get raped, try to enjoy !
    Harder life
  54. Early bird gets the worm
  55. Be the reason others smile
    Make someone's day and spread joy
  56. Finally, if reality is shit go to your own mind world