1. It decreases crime rates
    Not getting enough likes and relists increases epinephrine in the "not-liked-enough" person's head leading to aggressive maniac behaviour, which increases crime rates, which then increases the seek of revenge and we won't need another Liam Nesson in here
  2. Weight loss
    Moving your finger to tap like then relist burns a lot of energy which is good for diabetes and heart problems and would decrease the risk of developing cancers or stroke
  3. It's not a fucking organ donation
  4. You won't catch std
  5. It doesn't cost much, in fact, it doesn't cost anything at all
  6. It increases your lifespan 5 months at a like and a year at a relist
  7. It cures nearsightedness
  8. You won't feel guilty, well, unless you're my stalker ex, and have done it accidentally
    No we won't get back together Karen !
  9. When were you when the crime took place?
    When you're being questioned for committing a crime you can simply show the officer your like at that moment. By that surviving the cock-meat-sandwich you were about to eat in prison, ouch!
  10. Post apocalyptic advantage
    My likers will be resurrected via their DNA on their phones, because they're awesome and trustworthy and needed to start new civilisation.
  11. My dragons and dinosaurs are yours, unless it's proven you've seen the post and ignored it, then sir, you're in big big trouble!
  12. You'll get it back
  13. You'll make someone's day
  14. It starts friendships and maybe relationships who knows
  15. The more you like and relist the more likely people would find you and maybe follow you
  16. What's the point of listing without liking and relisting ? Are you lady gaga?
  17. I can feel your judgment between the time of the like and the relist and it's annoying, just do both in the same femtosecond
  18. I'm awesome
  19. Just fucking like the damn thing!
  20. & relist it Dammit!