My soulmate have to be
  1. Dirty minded
  2. Non fuck giver
  3. Her look is no 1 priority, and changes it every now and then
  4. Travelling, adventures, risky things, evil pranks
  5. Hates being normal since its boring
  6. Sarcastic and funny yet romantic and honest
  7. Listener, not just pretend to care, listen and show interest
  8. Memories collector and keeper
  9. Loves hitting the gym
  10. Cooking and drinks mixer
  11. Movies series celebs trivia
    Not like normal people, 10x, like a disorder!
  12. Animal lover
  13. Reading writing listing drawing singing playing instruments going concerts dancing
  14. Think alike
  15. Gets disgusted easily and clean and drinks only from her bottle
  16. Late nights Disney movies with snacks and cuddling
  17. Loves nature and being natural
  18. Classy but do whatever she thinks of meanwhile
  19. Smart and knows facts and info many other people don't know, scientific or not
  20. Life lover
  21. A dreamer
  22. Planner thinker schemer but not always and all the time in everything