Requested by Loula

Why a Man Checks a Specific Woman Up Without Approaching Her????

  1. He's secretly admiring her but don't have enough balls to go talk to her
    The fear of rejection, dear, the fear of rejection
  2. He's a serial killer
    Waiting for the perfect opportunity to acquire his target
  3. He tries to understand what the heck is going through the mind of hers
  4. He tries to remember where have he seen her before
  5. He's not looking at her and she's being delusional
  6. Or he's looking over a mosquito on a hot girl's shoulder behind her and she thinks he's looking at her
  7. She is sexy ?
  8. He's bored and realised that he can get himself entertained by looking at people and make funny stuff in his head about them
  9. She reminds him of someone
  10. He finds out she has a scar and how he hadn't noticed that before
  11. He want to understand her so he can figure out how to take her out
    Eg: if she drinks Starbucks, he poisons Starbucks, if she eats pizza, he tips the chef to poison the pizza, if she hits the gym, he poisons the gym, oh the last one didn't sound right.
  12. He's afraid she's a psychopath who loves collecting fingers
    And looks on how adorable his fingers is, especially after he just trimmed them
  13. He's afraid she's a cannibal and starts making plans in his mind on how to escape without drawing attention to himself
  14. He thinks she's an undercover cop who is bad at acting like a normal girl
  15. He hates her and wants to eat her brains out like a zombie, but it's public and he knows he can't do that
    Besides, it tastes like shit
  16. Many reasons actually but I'd go with the first one most probably