1. You haunt people
    I won't let you go away with it Jessica !
  2. You'd finally get to meet God and no he's not white bearded old guy with long hair, that's the look of guys named Eddie in Walmart or basically any other name as long as they're in that place.
  3. You can travel through time to know the ending finale of your favourite tv series and scare the writer if you don't like it
  4. You'd implant ideas in andrew garefield's mind to fucking shave that ugly looking beard off
  5. Fly
  6. Befriend many ghosts like Michael Jackson and do the moonwalk with him on the clouds and pee on people while the idiots think it's "rain" Heath ledger, paul walker, and Marline Monroe which has got heavens iPhone now can you imagine that !
  7. You won't get fat or diseased, because you're ALREADY dead
  8. You meet Satan that everybody's been babbling about and help him come up with evil plans, come on that guy's been there for a long time , he must have gotten outta ideas, you're still s fresh new meat with plenty of ideas
  9. Resurrect as anything you want
    Some people would recommend being resurrected as a dildo, but I'd tell them, well haha sure it'd be fun, but actually you'd be left for hours in a hidden secretive place away from everyone and no one would know about you except the horny bitch, and if it happens and you got found out you'd me stollen by her mom who pretended to throw you out who has a wide dirty hairy floppy vagina and your life would be hell! So car keys is better!
  10. You'd get to watch the making and behind the scenes of upcoming movies including marvels 2018 movies !!!
    Isn't that great
  11. You'd mess up with people's minds by making things disappear in their apartments
  12. Become immortal
  13. The legendary Ghost sex
    The firing penis and lightening vagina
  14. You'd watch people do funny stuff in the shower whilst pretending to be actually bathing
  15. You can haunt aliens also not just humans
  16. It won't differ much than you being alive since you're already dead inside and one step closer to suicide