1. They can't be you
  2. They see themselves in you
  3. They're jealous of you
  4. They failed to be you
  5. They invy your life
  6. They love you that they hate you about it
  7. They misunderstand you and misjudge you
  8. They want you to be theirs but they failed
  9. They hate themselves and everyone
  10. They're afraid you'd steal their lover or position or anything
  11. Ain't you
    Hate us cause the anus (ain't us)
  12. You're free in all the ways they're not
  13. You hurt them
  14. You think different
  15. You behave different
  16. You talk different
  17. You believe in different things
  18. You won't notice them
  19. You neglect them
  20. You disvalue them
  21. You scarred them
  22. You're an asshole