People I Pass Judgment On

  1. People who wear their regular clothes to the gym
  2. People who put ice in their wine
  3. People who say "anyways"
  4. Men who pluck their eyebrows
    A little clean-up of the monobrow is ok but for god's sake don't shape them!
  5. People who order ice cream in a cup instead of a cone
  6. People who say their kid is 24 months old
    He's 2!
  7. People who have snakes as pets
  8. People who don't have a passport
    You are ok with being stuck in the country forever?!
  9. Married couples who call each other mom and dad even when the kids aren't around
  10. People who call everyone "honey", "sweetie", or "sweetheart"
  11. People who are in their 40s who have never been married
  12. Couples who sit on the same side of the restaurant booth.
    Suggested by   @chrishinkel
  13. People who go out and about in pajamas bottoms