Thoughts I Have When Contributing to a Potluck at Work

  1. What can I make that won't cost too much, but won't look cheap, and looks like I put a little effort into it?
  2. Oh I know, I can make pasta salad. That's easy yet looks like I put a little time into it.
  3. I better not get any cat hair in this pasta salad. That would be mortifying. (as I'm making it at home)
  4. I'll just put it in this spot on the potluck table for optimum access
  5. Oh, Carrie made pasta salad too. But it's a different pasta plus hers has broccoli so I guess that's ok.
  6. Didn't she see that I wrote pasta salad on the sign-up sheet?
  7. Has anyone taken any of my pasta salad yet?
  8. Oh Dan took some! But it's not much.
  9. I better take some to help make a dent in it.
  10. There are other things I'd rather be eating than this pasta salad.
  11. Oh look! Ann took more!
  12. And she's really enjoying it!
  13. That better not be cat hair....