1. I am 17 years old, a Senior in High School
  2. I'm freaking out about finishing what seems like a Herculean task - finishing my 4,000 word Extended Essay
    I eventually did, and despite all the stress and procrastination, got full marks for it. Though, having chosen to write an English lit essay, the only thing I really learn from the experience is how to say "the author illustrates so and so" a gazillion different ways.
  3. I'm also freaking out about my upcoming IB exams in May, which will pretty much determine the course of my entire future
    I even make a bargain with God that I will stop drinking if I received more than 38 points. I received 37 points, enough to get me into my school of choice but not enough to stay off the sauce.
  4. They play Duncan Sheikh's Barely Breathing on the radio a lot
    I listen to a lot of Hitz FM, especially at night while I'm burning the midnight oil, working on Economics homework. I also listen to a lot of DMB and Tori Amos.
  5. I have a really great big group of friends
    We spend a lot of time chatting on ICQ, hanging at Suzi's Corner, checking out the cool new mall Suria KLCC, and drinking tequila shots on the rooftop of Brannigan's.
  6. I also have a boyfriend
    We have been on and off throughout the year, but are mostly on in the last semester of school. He's incredibly brilliant which is what drew me towards him in the first place. But he is also reserved and sometimes hard to crack. We try not to think too much about what the future past graduation looks like. You never really forget your first love.
  7. I live with my grandparents and uncle.
    They are amazing and mostly let me do what I want. I miss my parents a lot but see them in the summertime when I visit them in Tehran. Gosh. I miss my mom.
  8. Time flies by - IB exams, Prom, graduation...
    Saying goodbye is hard, as everyone leaves, one by one, to Universities all around the world. We know we will never be together again, but we are young and foolish and unable to appreciate the simplicity of youth.