Fun times
  1. 20th
    Celebrated with the Villiers Vixens at home! Woke up to an amazing breakfast and presents from my housemates.
  2. 21st
    Nursed a viral fever all day but recovered just in time for a surprise bday party organized by my sister at home with lots of friends and homemade cake by my mom.
  3. 25th
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    Dinner with the Aseambankers crew at Bar Savahn followed by drinks at The Ivy. Asian Heritage Row was all the rage back then.
  4. 29th
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    Drinks organized by M and CB from the K crew at Sevenate9, followed by more drinks at Zouk.
  5. 30th
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    Drinks at Tate with friends. Big Orla Kiely patterned cake from Iman!
  6. 33rd
    Drinks with some Sloan Fellows at our favorite Kendall watering hole, Abigail's
  7. 35th
    Spent the day on the beach in Langkawi w my husband, Dad and stepmom, swimming, kayaking and eating fries and steak sandwiches.