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  1. Random photo #1: Acai
    This was taken on the first of January in Ocean Beach, CA. Was craving me sum acai that nor cal doesn't have much of. friends woke me up at 5 to catch the sun rise and explore new eateries
  2. Random photo #2: Blurry Sac
    Welcome to Sacramento California. 'Twas raining that day. Friend and I wanted to save some lyft money so we took two trips to use two coupons. Our stop over was downtown sac because why not
  3. Random photo #3: Spot
    Disney store knows wassup
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A personal recollection of non bull shit regarding productivity in my full-time student life...
  1. Woke up at 8 am
    This is particularly hard for a college student. Some chemical reaction is occurring in a young person's brain at this age that makes it harder to wake-up early. I haven't taken chemistry yet but I believe this. You should too. "Early to bed & early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." -George Washington (& probably Beyoncé)
  2. Went to cafe to study
    Turns out I forgot my charger so I had 30 minutes to speed read and pretend to be on my laptop so I wouldn't look weak
  3. Went to the financial aid office THREE TIMES!!!
    Must I add: how unnecessary, unprofessional, and excessive!!! So basically, I go to one office to ask about grants and they lead me to another building with a different office. I go to that office and they lead me to a different office upstairs. I go to that office and the lady leads me to a website to do my own research. That's when I gave up and went back to the cafe with a charger
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  1. Relieve the fall
    When you finally let out a long awaited piss.
  2. Talk block
    To avoid socializing by pretending to be on your phone. This pertains to public restroom lines, fiestas, your aunt's tea parties, reunions, and the like...
  3. Slumb travel
    When you wake up from a nap and have no idea what time or day it is.
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