You're welcome
  1. Relieve the fall
    When you finally let out a long awaited piss.
  2. Talk block
    To avoid socializing by pretending to be on your phone. This pertains to public restroom lines, fiestas, your aunt's tea parties, reunions, and the like...
  3. Slumb travel
    When you wake up from a nap and have no idea what time or day it is.
  4. i b u
    Having a friend crush on someone and you just want to be them.
  5. Dry cry
    The crust you get in your eyes when you wake up because you cry that you have to wake up.
  6. Ex whys (XY's)
    The dudes that say they support feminism when they actually don't. Like...why...
  7. Platos
    The deep shit people say when they are high.
  8. Shtink martyr
    Holding in a fart for the sake of social respect. *this one's inspired by a lil bit of German (;
  9. Classic plastics
    The people that claim that only the classics of any sort (movies, books, plays, Disney channel shows, etc) are better than any other piece of work, regardless..
  10. Crayolas
    The intimidating group of people that are intimidating. But when inspected individually, are weak.