Oftentimes, when I am overwhelmed, I need to take a few minutes to calm down and remind myself of all the stuff that I've got going for me in life. Usually, that means looking at the following pictures and videos that are permanents in my phone.
  1. Photos of my parents at their wedding.
    My parents had a super low-key wedding. My mom wore a grey suit and the ceremony took place in her father's house. My dad rocked '80s glasses and a yellow boutineer. All of the photos were taken by family members with a rather unique sense of spacing. Most importantly: my parents look incredibly happy in each of them. This sums up their relationship well: relaxed, not staged, and filled with love.
  2. A video of my dog.
    I take about one video of our pup each week. This is a recent screenshot from a video where he snores with his eyes open while staring at the camera. This dog gives zero fucks.
  3. A snap of the sunset from my cabin.
    I spent every summer of my childhood at my parents' cabin in northern Minnesota. It is my happy place, and not just in a meditation class kind of way. It is where I met my best friend, where my children will play, and where I continue to laugh and love without bound. Also, the sunset from our hammock is seriously breathtaking.
  4. A sort-of-staged picture of food that I recently ate.
    What can I say? I live to eat. It never hurts to reflect on how delicious these late summer peaches were.
  5. This picture of my boyfriend and me on the day we started dating.
    He asked if I would "go steady" after we spent a day wandering around Manhattan. I still grin goofily whenever I think about it.
  6. This picture of my best bud on a Friday night getting after it.
    Mostly funny because she was actually perfectly sober when this picture was taken, and because she had chosen to wear this very '90s outfit to a birthday party.
  7. This picture of my mom birdwatching.
    I don't know. This just makes me chuckle.
  8. A screenshot of a text exchange that made me laugh.
    Unconditional love is pretending to care about the banal shit in your life. Thanks babe. Also, realizing how into peaches I am.
  9. A photo of something that I made or did that made me feel accomplished.
    I put together and painted this IKEA table. Hey, I never claimed it would be something impressive!