1. United States of the 'Merica
  2. If you flip a 6 upside down its a 9
  3. My mommy's not Filipino, but she can still live with us
  4. Nipples are a famous part of your body
  5. On peeing: 'it takes all the water out of me so I don't explode'
  6. Referencing the monkey bars: 'When I'm 6? I'm doing THOSE'
  7. It's so easy. I just think'd it in my brain.
  8. I know how to wipe but you do it better.
  9. I already went to the bathroom today.
  10. 5 minutes later - I have to go RIGHT NOW
  11. Not my water? Doesn't matter.
  12. Not my snack? Doesn't matter.
  13. Not my candy? Oh hell no we better ask.