Try to guess (answers at the bottom)
  1. Please be quiet and start moving your body to the music.
  2. These women, though excellent hoes, have yet to show even the slightest display of loyalty.
  3. My heart yields a barren opening with capacity to document your legal moniker.
  4. Though present, 'twas another who lit the proverbial match that ignited the flame.
  5. Your naivety towards the appealing nature of your face is alarming.
  6. Please refrain from conveying your inclination to have it in such a specific manner.
  7. Strike me with your fist repeatedly, oh sweet lover.
  8. Hindsight has shown me the overwhelming goodness derived from never having you.
  9. Telephone your romantic partner, the moment of discussion is upon us.
  10. The entirety of my being is desperately infatuated with the entirety of your being.
  11. Answers: Walk the Moon, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Billy Joel, One Direction, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Robyn, John Legend.