I want to be prepared but also ??? I usually just wear the same thing all year long
  1. The same as autumn outfits but with more floral colors??
  2. Long + thick socks + summer clothes??
  3. Light jacket
  4. Disposable camera
    I was just gifted two from my friend and I'm so excited to use them but also cautious about what my first photo should be of!
  5. Chapstick
  6. Sunscreen
    A small face stick of sunscreen that I got from Urban Outfitters. It's SPF 15 and the cap is bright green and it's a twist bottom. It smells funny and I now adore it.
  7. Sunglasses
    Oversized, of course
  8. Rad socks
  9. Dresses?
    Idk I'm not too much of a dress person
  10. Skirts?
    Denim skirts?
  11. Crop tops + pants?
    I miss crop tops!
  12. Sweaters + skirts?
    Vintage sweaters are always a good idea
  13. Yellow!!!
    But not like mustard, unfortunately--that's for autumn
  14. Less S.A.D.
    And less sad ;-)
  15. More brunch!
    Paradox Café is going to be seeing a lot of me this spring (once I start getting paid....)
  16. Peaches! Nectarines!
    Trader Joe's has already started stocking some. Aren't they summer fruits?
  17. Vitamin D!
    It's actually really important and I haven't been getting much this winter. I miss the sun, y'all