1. When should I go see civil war in theaters again?
  2. What's for lunch?
  3. When's my homework due?
  4. How long until class is over?
  5. Should I be studying?
  6. Nah, I don't need to study
  7. Is my hair too oily to last another day without me washing it?
  8. How long is it okay to keep your contacts on?
  9. Is that burning I smell from the kitchen?
  10. Yup, that's definitely burning
  11. Is season 11 of criminal minds on Netflix?
  12. Why am I wearing a turtleneck when it's summer?
  13. Why did I just spend $70 on Mexican food?
  14. Should I buy that set of fleece sweaters?
    (completely ignoring the fact again that it's summer)
  15. Where are my glasses?
  16. How come I'm so bad at scrabble?
  17. Does auntie Annie's deliver?
  18. Why is everyone hanging out without me?
  19. Can I take a nap now?