Inspired by @pippin. Cheers to eating healthy.
  1. Mint ice cream
    Mint are initially plants which is basically the same thing as eating salad. The ice cream is just to add a pinch of much needed dairy. (Also the chocolate chips help me relax so there's that)
  2. Orange Chicken
    The word Orange is literally in the name and I'm pretty sure oranges are fruits with vitamin D, so if eating orange chicken isn't giving me vitamin D I don't know what will
  3. Burritos
    So much lettuce! (if made properly) the overwhelming sense of meat, guacamole, and sour cream will balance out the whole thing
  4. Garlic bread
    Essential when eating pasta to scoop the extra sauce... Essential in general, on second thought
  5. Cheesecake
    Very fancy so the world wouldn't make it so much money if it wasn't healthy, right?
  6. Tater tots
    I don't have an explanation for this one, I just really love tater tots