1. Drink more water
  2. Don't force what isn't there
    I've felt lately that so many interactions I've been having with people or interactions I've tried having with people have felt hollow or empty. As if I were pretending to feel and was just existing amongst these fake human connections. I constantly told myself that if I tried hard enough I could maybe feel something there but I've discovered that relationships aren't about having to force upon a feeling. All in all, i'm trying not to try so much.
  3. Feel things fully
    Experiencing emotions in life to the fullest and taking in every detail of life and acknowledging its existence.
  4. Don't overthink
    It will kill you.
  5. Don't compare yourself to others
    It will kill you.
  6. Let what wants to come to you and let what wants to leave go
    You can't force anything to stay if it doesn't want to. Begging and waiting around for it is not a rational use of your time. Let what wants to stay come to you and allow it to fill you up.
  7. Eat more vegetables with every meal
  8. Listen to the callings
    Trust the vibes you get from a certain person or situation. Energy doesn't lie.
  9. Embrace change
    You will not get better if you keep holding onto what's holding you back. Be open minded about new things to come.
  10. Pray for people and yourself
    Prayer is a great for meditation and one of the few things that actually can make you feel something. It may not directly give you answers, but when it comes to it, you'll always know what to do.
  11. Give people second chances
    The time for grudges is over. It's time to be at peace with people.
  12. Don't apologize for feeling something or not feeling something
  13. Constantly show yourself reasons why being alive is cool
    Find the small things in life that make you wonder why you're ever sad and hold onto them. Give that to yourself, give that to your mind.
  14. You can forgive yourself now.
  15. Try starting things off on a positive note rather then going straight into negativity
    For example, instead of saying "sorry i'm late" try saying "thank you for waiting for me" or instead of "sorry I'm such a mess" try "thank you for loving and caring about me". It is more refreshing to display positivity in small, everyday actions. This will hopefully become a habit that will lead to a more positive lifestyle.
  16. Meditate more
  17. Don't rush the process.
    Things take time, what you want to happen will happen. And when it does, it'll be worth the wait.
  18. Encourage each other's successes and comfort each other's failures