it's so goddamned easy
  1. "I guess if you're into that sort of humor"
  2. "it was pretty good, for its time"
  3. "no but I mean 'broad humor' is not NECESSARILY a bad thing"
  4. "it's like Seinfeld, without the edge"
  5. "it's like How I Met Your Mother, without the continuity"
  6. "it defined a prototype, kind of, or was at least prototypical"
  7. "it was accessible"
  8. "it's really, really easy to watch while doing something else"
  9. "look, a monkey"
  10. "it doesn't require you to intellectually engage, even a little bit, so it's relaxing"
  11. "the colors get brighter with every season"
  12. "look, a duck"
  13. "it teaches you delayed gratification, and that sometimes gratification never comes, for the character or the viewer, so that is A Good Lesson"
  14. "it's simple"
  15. "I can see why you like it"