Make it extra hard for the things that go bump in the night to do it in your place
  1. Paint your porch ceiling blue
    Called Haint Blue, it's popular in the American South. Haints can't cross water and get confused by the blue ceiling. To be extra sure, use the same light blue-green color on your window frames and doors.
  2. Make a bottle tree
    Not to be confused with the actual tree by the name, bottle trees are made by putting glass bottles on a metal frame or bare branches of a real tree. The bottles trap any lurking spirits. Popular into the American South, it was brought over from Africa by slaves. While all bottles work, blue glass is preferred (and looks very pretty in sunlight)
  3. Have a raised door sill.
    In China, ghosts can't go up steps, so having a raised sill to step over means the ghost idea can't get in.
  4. Block your door
    In China, ghosts can't turn corners, so make sure you can't walk straight into your living space-- force everyone to turn a corner right away.
  5. Garlic ropes
    Yes, vampires have to be invited in, but hanging ropes of garlic will also repel them. Hopefully they won't even ask for the invitation.
  6. Late at night, walk into the house backwards
    In the Caribbean, to avoid a jumbee following your into the house, walk in backwards if it's late. Also, leave a pair of shoes on the porch. Jumbees don't have feet and will spend all night trying to put them on.
  7. Bury an iron knife under your door
    In England, witches can't cross cold iron, so this will keep them from entering your house. This may also protect against malevolent faeries.
  8. Plant a Rowan tree
    In Britain, Rowan trees repel witches, faeries, and other evil spirits. Holly, birch, hazel, and Hawthorne also work.
  9. Windchimes
    The tinkling bells scare away evil.
  10. Offer guests a salty snack
    In England and other areas in Europe, salt repels or destroys witches, faeries, and other evil spirits. A salty snack will keep them away, and your non-evil guests will be impressed by your hospitality.