5 Things about Me

Here is a list of 5 things about me for more details you can go to http://www.jabbering.co.uk/jabbering/kiff-some-things-you-never-knew/
  1. Once Worked as a Chicken Gristle Finder
    I once work in a chicken factory for 8 dreadful hours - never again
  2. I want to be Cremated
    When the time comes and I am no longer as user of oxygen obviously, but being buried gives me the heebjeebies
  3. I am only ticklish in one place
    No I am not going to tell you where
  4. I have been Skinny Dipping
    Yes this mighty fine ass that I have had braved the elements and been swimming
  5. I am the Eldest of Three Brothers
    I am one of three brothers and I am the eldest you may know that. However you might not know that my middle brother has Angelman Syndrome