Things I'm grateful for 11/9

On a day that feels like national mourning, reasons why I'm glad(although reluctant at times) to call America a home.
  1. So much BEAUTIFUL diversity.
    We live in a country like that of the underwater sea.. teeming with different colors and cultures and it's glorious.
  2. That I get scream "Jesus is Lord" and not get persecuted...
    maybe strange stares and some eye rolls but no real persecution
  3. That I get to spend a million dollars and lose hours upon hours of sleep and tears so that I can be an attorney
  4. For the food
    I mean.. cmon y'all!
  5. That this country regards children as valuable
    News flash- so many countries still regard children as family name bearers and workers. This country celebrates and protects(to its best ability) childhood.
  6. The sites are beautiful and diverse and so amazing
  7. I could write for a billion years on all the reasons to be grateful. I mourn with you guys that this hateful, chauvinistic, racist man is our leader BUT the glass is still half full. Even more than half!!
  8. Art on the walls of metro