During ASAE Annual Conference and Expo (#ASAE16)
  1. Eating at The Red Iguana
    Look, I’m a sucker for the promise of a good margarita and mole sauce. I have a client in Washington, DC, who swears by this place. He told me it’s the one place I need to make sure to check out when I visit SLC and he knows about good food. Check and check.
  2. Drinking some craft beer
    I think it’s safe to say Salt Lake City isn’t known for its hardcore drinking habits, which sent my liver into panic until it (my liver gets around) found out about the local craft beer scene in SLC. I’ve heard great things about Squatters Pub Brewery and the BeerHive, so I’m planning to imbibe at those local watering holes. I like darker beers, especially, so I’m looking forward to checking out Squatters’ Polygamy Porter.
  3. Eating fancy pastry
    In case anyone was doubtful about my love for good food and beverage, when I heard about Les Madeleines’ famous “kouing aman” pastries, I knew I’d have to try one. I’m not even that crazy about sweets, but these sound so amazing I know I’ll regret if I don’t give this pastry shop a try. I’m praying there is equally fantastic coffee on the premises or nearby to go with it.
  4. Going goth for a great Instagram snap
    I’m a big fan of Atlas Obscura and I always check out their listings of interesting and unusual things to do no matter where I go. Apparently, Salt Lake City has an odd gravestone with a mysterious inscription that states, ‘Lilly E. Gray, “Victim of the Beast 666.”’ I won’t lie. I may not make it to this one, but it would make for a really funny (yet wildly inappropriate) picture on Instagram. The business side of me says, “no,” but my inner goth says, “that’s cool, I guess.”
  5. Feeling like a kid again
    More food. I want to try the popsicles at Paletería La Bonita. I was checking out some Salt Lake City Instagrammers and ran across a picture of a delicious looking popsicle...but not a popsicle like you buy at the store. This popsicle was pulsating with a fresh, vibrant color practically dripping out of my phone. When I clicked on the picture to find out more, it turned out it comes from this spot that doesn’t even have a website, but does have some fantastic reviews on Yelp. I'm in.