Top 5 Mistakes I Make When Packing

As I prepare to leave for #ASAE16, I am recognizing distressing patterns in my business travel routine. What are yours?
  1. Forgetting that some critical piece of my wardrobe is still in the laundry or at the cleaners.
    I may have a million LBDs, but as soon as I'm packing, it seems like they are all out of commission. What is that?!?
  2. Forgetting the matching shoes for my outfits.
    Like wearing loafers to the airport and forgetting my heels for night events. And not the kind of loafers that "go with everything"...
  3. Packing too much of one thing and not enough of the other.
    Recent example = packing tons of underwear, but no pajamas.
  4. Packing too much reading material.
    I read a lot. Digital books, paperbacks, audiobooks...I do not need 3 hardcover books, agreed?
  5. Forgetting a memento from my daughter.
    My business travel goes so much smoother when I bring a drawing my daughter made with me.