1. Trick-or-Treating in Salem Village
  2. Halloween dance parties with skeleton bands
  3. 17th Century themed Halloween parties
  4. New England villages at Halloween
  5. Madonna costumes
  6. Bobbing for apples
  7. The abandoned homes of fabled witch sisters
  8. Zombie ex boyfriends who still love you
  9. Talking black cats with hearts of gold
  10. High school bullies who come up with cool nicknames
  11. Sex-crazed pedophile witches
  12. Twisty staircases
  13. Seducing children with my singing voice
  14. The Marshall Siblings as a married couple.
  15. Bus drivers with weird taste
  16. Dive bars with entrances under the stairs
  17. Little sisters
  18. Witch sisters
  19. Virgins
  20. Calling people "blood donors"
  21. Candelabras
  22. Making out with cute mummies