So on brand.
  1. First Female President
    As a young Kiley, I already had ambition and craved power. But was not so delusional that I naively wanted to be simply "President." I knew I'd have to be the First Female one. This lasted from ages 6-8.
  2. Novelist
    I liked writing short stories, so a novel didn't seem that much harder.
  3. Interior Designer
    As a side gig, I used to make my mom be a "client" so I could consult on her decoration needs. I now know that she did not need my help.
  4. Greeting Card Designer
    The closest I ever came to the visual arts was an obsession with making greeting cards with my company name and logo on the back. "KDdids" with a little bug dotting the "i". I also made my mom be a client for this endeavor.
  5. Actress
    After my fourth grade stage debut as Veruca Salt in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I was loyal to the boards. This dream took me all the way through high school graduation, when I realized that acting is a horrible career choice. Because writing is a better one?