Realistically, who hasn't written a memoir yet? Me. So here are potential titles for when I join the club:
  1. "Why Don't You Want To Be A Doctor?" (And other FAQs)
  2. I Was Just Being Sarcastic: Ways I Have & Will Continue To Offend People
  3. We're Not Related.. And Other Declarations I've Made In Response To Being Asian
  4. "Sorry, I'm PMSing": How To Get Away With Being A Bitch
    Really how many times a month could I PMS people
  5. Ice Cream And Kale: Finding Balance In A Polarized World
  6. IMDB Rated My Favourite Movie a 2/10: Coping With Unpopular Opinions
  7. "Do I Sound Like Adele?": How To Drunk Karaoke Your Way To The Top
  8. My Avocado Went Bad: Life After Tragedy