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  1. I can't figure out how to
We are Jewish atheists. Our religion is contrarian intellectualism. We had a guest who had never been to a Jew's house for the holidays before (he asked if we still celebrate on Thursday) So we...
  1. We had pork.
  2. The only turkeys on the table were turkey shaped candles
  3. We put out a menorah just to confuse things. We had to buy the menorah as we did not have one.
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I may or may not have been this girl. It's all a little foggy.
  1. Given a high five, accompanied by, "well done you!" (I may or may not have recalled his name)
  2. Screamed, "omg my housemate is coming home and this is her room!" (I don't have a housemate)
  3. Began discussing how the last guy could never take the hint and leave
  4. Jumped up and raced to the bathroom yelling about how you can never be too careful about UTI's
This list may totally explain my dating life
  1. Hard to Hold
  2. Micki and Maude
  3. The Pirate Movie
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