1. Answered work emails on my vacation day
  2. Paid bills
  3. Went to Starbucks and ate oatmeal
  4. Watched 3 episodes of WWHL
    Paula Abdul! Sean Hayes! Dorinda! BJ Novak! Laura Linney! Rachel Bloom!
  5. Watched an episode of Friends
  6. Gave Oahu advice to James
  7. Read Emily's texts about her bruises after her night of lovin'
  8. Searched for an ice machine in the hotel and didn't find one
  9. Talked to Robin about work and got pissed off
  10. Slept until 730
  11. Made this list waiting on Jamie and Beth
  12. Dumped water from my water bottle on my head while watching a second episode of Friends
  13. Contemplated signing up for Stitch Fix while I had time to devote to the Q&A but decided I was too lazy to unpack my computer
  14. Blocked someone I can no longer trust from my Instagram feed
  15. Made this list