I ride elevators all day long, a few simple rules...
  1. If you're standing by the buttons, ask "what floor?" Otherwise, select your floor and then move.
  2. Men, step to the side let women in/out first. Gesture to encourage this.
  3. Fall in line. Take the corners first. Don't stand next to the other person if there are only two riders. Third person take front center. Four, each person takes a corner. Think of it like dominoes from here on out. Shift placement accordingly as people exit.
  4. If there are multiple elevators, don't try to jump in at the last second. Wait for the next one.
  5. If you're going to the second floor, and you don't have a legitimate reason not to, take the stairs. This can go for the third floor as well.
  6. Non need for chit chat. I'd like to catch up on Instagram in peace.
  7. If men are not allowing women out first, and everyone is getting off on the same floor, unload in the same order as loaded in. No pushing from the back to the front.