Inspired by @bjnovak
  1. Angela forgets her nannycam is still on and Oscar and Kevin watch her groom Princess Lady with her tongue. Hairball to follow.
  2. Michael and Jan host a dinner party. Every. Moment. Of. This. Episode. "You took me by the hand..." 🎶
  3. Dwight doctors Phyllis' back injury and says "Wooooah, girl!" like she's a horse.
  4. Dwight is the baby whisperer who puts Cici to sleep when she's reverse-cycling.
  5. WUPH! (Give Ryan a closet and he'll create an empire.)
  6. Pam and Jim sneak away to get married at Niagara Falls.
  7. SUCK IT!
  8. Michael tries to dine and dash.
  9. Hillary Swank: Is she hot?
  10. Jim attaches a red wire to Dwight's computer.